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[Whatsapp]How to change your friend's status on whatsapp on YOUR phone!

We all know the most famous Messaging app Whatsapp right? Well, here's some food for thought! Have you ever tried modifying a friend's whatsapp status on your phone and take a screenshot to show your other friends :D :p You can actually do it by following the steps below. I'll also include a video below in case you don't understand or miss one step! Below are the steps you can follow to modify a friend's status on WhatsApp! Note: This is only for prank purposes! Please make sure that you make good use of this! Requirements:- WhatCrypt apk SQLite Editor(Available on Playstore) Steps: Download Whatcrypt.apk. You can try google it; I'm feeling just too lazy to put to the download link in here! But you can easily find it through a search on Google :) 1. Install it and Open. Tap on Decrypt Whatsapp Database once you open it. 2. Download and Install SQLite Editor from Playstore.(FREE) 3. Open and tap on File Tab. Search for data Folder an

[Favicons]Why use favicons?

Ever wondered why web programmers use favicon when designing a website? Favicons may be little and very tiny things that are way out of people's eyes, but just try to search for a website without a favicon and you'll surely spot the difference. A favicon a very important from a branding's point of view. What is a favicon? The small image you see on almost every website, situated next to the website's title, is known as a favicon. Usually, it of size 16x16 pixels. See picture below for an example of a favicon. What's the use of this small icon? F av I con - Short form for Favourite Icon. A favicon is not mandatory, but if you care about user experience, you'll find it interesting to insert a favicon in your website. If you think from a visitor's point of view, upon seeing a favicon in a website, you get the impression that this website is the one you were searching for. Are favicons important? F*ck yeah, it is important!!! Imagine face

[Fixed]Custom Binary blocked by FRP Lock

If you android phone's not turning on and displaying the error message " Custom Binary blocked by FRP Lock ", don't panic , the solution is right in this article. Note: This was tested on Samsung J7 and worked perfectly fine. You'll need: Samsung Kies 3 Click here to download it Steps After download Samsung Kies 3, Install it Open It Click on Tools and choose Firmware Upgrade and Initialisation Enter Details Just type in the Model Name of the phone and press Enter. Now type in the Serial Number. You can get Model Name and Serial Number by removing battery, It should be written on the phone behind the battery.  After entering the required details, just click Ok. You may be prompted some warnings. Just Click Ok. You should now be seeing a window like this but with your appropriate details: To be able to Start the Upgrade, you'll need to go into Download Mode in your Android Device. Go into Download Mode Pre

How to download android apps that are not available in your country!

Download apps that are not available in your country Have you ever seen some apps on your Play Store that you're unable to download because it's not available in your country? Well, it's a problem that's present in almost almost every countries. We'll take the example of the famous Pokemon Go, which is only available in some countries. But you can still download it from APK Mirror or from Google Play Store itself. You'll need: 1) Your Android Device with Android Version higher than 4.4 . You can check it out by clicking here . 2) Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy . An android app available on the Play Store for free. What's a VPN? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This technology helps people from all over the world, to browse the internet in a secure way. It also makes sure, you're anonymous and safe from hackers. Steps: To begin, go to your play store and download an app called Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy Download the app an

Why you should disable WPS!

What's WPS and what it does? [Wi-Fi Protected Setup] WPS is a wireless networking standard that tries to make connections between a router and wireless devices faster and easier. It works only for wireless networks that have WPA Personal(deprecated) or WPA2 Personal(recommended) security. Nowadays, modern routers come with this new technology known as WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Although, WPS makes it easier and faster to connect your devices to your home network, it, somehow, contains some security flaws, that are well-documented on the internet. Is WPS recommended? NO! Even though it's enabled by default, you should find a way to disable it because of the Brute Force Vulnerability. Many Wi-Fi access points that support WPS may be affected. Here are some links which may be useful in this context: Article 1(HowToGeek) Article 2(VU#723755) Normally , you can't just connect your wireless devices to a wireless network anywhere, unless you know the SSID

Making HTML windows programs

Building Window program in HTML HTA Application It's basically the same as an html file but with a GUI that acts like an executable file with .exe extension. Double click on the .hta file you make to launch the program. Steps: Firstly Open your favorite text editor. I'll use Notepad++ in this demo. Type in your html script. Then save your script as Test. hta Make sure the .hta extension is written at the end of the name. The .hta stands for HTML Application. It shall work if you're using Explorer browser 5.0 and above. A basic start of the html application is: <html> <head> <HTA APPLICATION ICON="" SCROLL="auto" maximiseButton="yes" minimiseButton="yes"> <title>Simple HTA</title> </head> <body> <p>Your HTML Script goes here</p> </body> </html> Several other arguments th

It's easy to learn, It takes time to master!

How to learn? How to learn is a famous question asked by most people everywhere in the world. To learn something is not a very difficult task. It only requires you to know some of the basics and learn the concept of it. It won't take that long if you are willing to learn something. But how to master? Mastering a skill means knowing every single part that is concerned with it. A huge skill you'll require to master a skill, is Patience . It's obvious you'll need to learn the concept first. Some requirements before you start learning something Firstly, decide what you want to learn and master, and find out why you want to do it. The reason why many people give up when starting a project, is that they are not motivated enough to complete their goal. Basically, you just need to find out something you're interested in, no matter how difficult it may look, just go for it. At first, it may actually look hard, but once you're in it, it's no l organised another great hackathon

Operation PB Why PB? After Operation S.A.D and W.T.F, here comes operation P.B! You might be wondering why we chose the name PB for the operation. It was decided by Nitin , who was wondering what name would fit this operation. He then, to conclude, decided to name it Prison Break. Playing with fire in jail Operation Prison Break was a third hackathon organised by members of . It was a hackathon held in Lescalier, in a hall. Sandboxing profile for xzdec I personally worked on a project name the xzdec which is a decompressing tool. It was cool to learn a little bit more on topics concerning security of people. Basically what it does, it decompresses files with .xz extension. Monitored by Logan , I created a profile for xzdec , which you can see above. It was built using a whitelist approach. Usage: xzdec 'filename'.xz Purpose Instead of finding flaws, unlike previous hackathons, this time we're looking at ways to reduce th

Why most programmers start with Hello World?

Hello World Hello World is one of the most famous program tested by each and every programmer at some point of their life. It is specially being used when either someone tries to learn a new programming language, which is probably in most cases, or for something else. It's simply a script of about 4 to 10 lines(depends which languages you're using), which when compiled, displays a Hello World on your screen. It's true that it's very simple, but from a beginner's point of view, it's a great feeling. You feel the rush of adrenaline after realizing you've just, successfully, communicated through the computer. I'm quite sure after doing a Hello World script, you'll have an idea of what you're willing to do after that. Positive point is that, you just found a way starting it. The first Hello World appeared in 1973 in "Tutorial Introduction to the Language B" by Kernighan. Let's take a closer look! Originally crea

Learn how to make an android app with HTML!

Ever wondered if you could make an android app with only basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript! You, actually, can do it! Let's try make a basic app Hello World which displays 'Hello World' on your android phone. 1. Go to the Play Store and download App Builder. 2.Install and Open. 3. On opening the app, you'll see the list of app that you've already created. Since, it's your first time, the screen will be blank. 4. Tap on New. 5. Then, put a name under Label (e.g Hello World), put an icon and tap on Content. 6. If you understand the basics of HTML, you should be able to understand what's already after tapping on Content. You can modify it by a paragraph under the header1.   This is my very first app. 7. When you've finished with the Contents, hit back and press Build. Then Install your app. 8. You're done. You should get a screen like this if you followed the instructions carefully. You can check out your code using o

Learn how to make an auto login bot with Autoit

Start by creating a new directory and make an autoit script. Edit the script and include IE.au3: #include    Suppose we're writing a script which will allow a anyone to sign in his facebook on a scheduled time automatically. It's simple, don't panic! You need to call a function with any name you want. Let's take loginfb() ! call ("loginfb") So, we only have to write the function loginfb now! Func loginfb() Global $oIE = _IECreate ("") Local $username = _IEGetObjByName ($oIE, "email") Local $password = _IEgetObjByName ($oIE, "pass") Local $button = _IEGetObjById ($oIE, "loginbutton") _IEFormElementSetValue ($username, "") // your email here! _IEFormElementSetValue ($password, "") //your fb password here! Send("{Enter}") EndFunc $username and $password are variables. "email" and "pass" are the names given to the textarea

Creating Database(SQL)

Create a database if it does not exist! SQL -Stands for  Structured Query Language Used to manage database //U pdate data on a database or retrieve data from a database Start by creating your connection $servername="localhost" $username="root" $password="" Connect to MySQL $link = mysql_connect($servername, $username, $password); if (!link) { die('Could not connect ' . mysql_error()); } Suppose we're creating a database with name 'test'. You must first of all make that db your current db. $db_selected = mysql_select_db('test', $link); You can now create your database with an appropriate name! if (!db_selected) { $sql = 'CREATE DATABASE test'; if (mysql_query($sql, $link)) { echo "Database test has been successfully made!"; require table.php; } else { echo "Error creating database: " . mysql_error() . "\n"; } } mysql_close(

Who are Hackers?

Hackers It's strange that, in Mauritius, some people freak out on hearing the word ' Hacker '. Weird, but true. In Mauritius, there's a small team under the name  who are doing their best to push youngsters to code. I am one of the new recruit of this team, and I really liked their way of doing things. As I said, there's no need to panic when you hear the word hacker hereafter. A hacker is someone who hack with intention of helping others, for example, breaking into a computer system by penetrating the security of a user and using this leaked information for a good purpose. The reason why people freak out upon hearing this term is that they misunderstand if with the term cracker . That being said, I think every youngster should be encouraged to become hackers. Programming should become a compulsory topic in every school, because we're quickly advancing into a world of technology. Actually, learning Web Design was my past-time du

Should I root my Android phone or not?

Android is one of the most open, versatile, and customizable mobile operating systems out there. You may think you don't need to root your phone, but you'd be surprised at how much more you can accomplish after the rooting process. If you don't have a rooted device today, then you're not enjoying all the amazing features android's offering. Sure, there's some risk involved , and we don't usually recommend rooting other people's phones, but in the end, you can't put a price on true openness and control. There are so many great apps out there asking for SU permissions. These apps can only be used properly only after rooting your phone. Several root-only apps: #1 - Titanium Backup One of the main reasons people root their device is Titanium Backup. You can make your life a lot easier by backing up your apps and settings first. You can even do so if you are not rooted, but point is, you won't necessarily be able to backup system

[Ubuntu]How to write and run your own C program?

Open your favourite terminal window on ubuntu. (Mine happens to be Xterm :) Then type gedit with the name of the program with a .c at the end. If you love the 'nano' text editor, you may type: When the text editor opens, code :) Here's an example(Hello World) #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { puts("Hello World!!"); return 0; } After writing your piece of code, you can save the file and exit. If you're using nano text editor, just hit Ctrl + O to save the file and Ctrl + X to exit the text editor. Then you must compile the file by typing: T hen you can run it by typing the following in your terminal:

How to disable SSLv3 in ubuntu?

Why disable SSL 3.0? SSLv3 is not sufficiently secure. The replacement versions, in particular, Transport Layer Security(TLS) 1.2, are way more secure and capable protocols.  Poodle attack and End of SSLv3  In late September, a team at Google discovered a serious vulnerability(POODLE) in SSLv3 that can be exploited to steal confidential information, e.g things like cookies and passwords, enabling the latter to access a user's private account on a social website. You can learn more about SSL on our Android app SSLearn. Steps: Firstly, let's start with an Update: After the update, install apache: Note: If you already have apache installed, you may skip this step. After installing apache, type the following command to configure and disable SSLv3: Then simply press the arrow down on your keyboard and search for SSLprotocol. Add '-SSLv2 -SSLv3' at the end. Then 3 lines upwards, you should be able to see #SSLHonorCipher

How to Install from source code?

Steps: Copy the required link, for e.g for mmonit, got to  monit page , right click on Source Code and copy link. Go onto your terminal and write the following code with your URL with tar.gz: It will extract it, giving its name. (e.g filename- If there's no error, you may proceed by the following code: After it's completed successfully, you should come up with a folder. Make sure you change the directory in your terminal to the folder. That folder should contain some files named 'configure'. If you don't do change its directory, you will not be able to ./configure. * After you've changed its directory, simply configure it with the following code: After it's configured successfully, type the following code: Lastly, type the following command: * Make sure you have PAM and SSL Header files installed before configuring. Here are the commands for PAM and SSL Header:   1)  apt-get install libpam0g-dev 2) apt-get inst

Paid Apps for FREE!!

Ever wondered how to download paid apps for free from the Play Store. Applications are available through Google Play either free of charge or at a cost. They can be downloaded directly to an Android or  Google TV  device through the Play Store  mobile app , or by  deploying  the application to a device from the Google Play website. [ Solved ] Here's how to download paid apps for free from Play Store. Download this apk (Appvn)  and simply follow the steps :) After downloading, install the app. Don't forget to enable Unknow Sources under Settings in your smartphone. After it's installed, go to your Play Store and search for your paid you wanted to download. Scroll down and tap on Share. Choose Appvn Tap on download and you're done  :)


Interested in having a Virtual Machine on your OS ? If you are interested in doing so, then Oracle VM Virtual Box is the best software you'll need.  It supports the creation and management of guest virtual machine.  The system emulates hard disks in one of three disk image formats: VDI: This format is the VirtualBox-specific  VirtualBox Disk Image  and stores data in files bearing a ".vdi"  filename extension . VMDK : This  open format  is used by  VMWare  products such as  VMWare Workstation  and  VMWare Player . It stores data in one or more files bearing ".vmdk" filename extensions. A single virtual hard disk may span several files. VHD : This format is used by  Windows Virtual PC , and is the native virtual disk format of the  Microsoft Windows  operating system, starting with  Windows 7  and  Windows Server 2008 R2 . Data in this format are stored in a single file bearing the ".vhd" filename extension. [21/03/16] | « Today I d

Android Versions

Below are some Android versions you might not have known. What Android version are you using? -Go to settings on your phone. -About Device. Android Version 1.6 -  Donut . Android Version 2.1 - Eclair Android Version 2.2 - Froyo Android Version 2.3 - Gingerbread Android Version 3.0 - Honeycomb Android Version 4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich Android Version 4.1 - Jellybean Android Version 4.4 - KitKat Android Version 5.0 - Lollipop Android Version 6.0 - Marshmallow Android Version 7.0 - Android N To Check the name of your android version, tap on 'Android Version' several times under Settings in your smartphone Introduction: Android was not built in one day.  The source of the world's dominant mobile operating system can be traced right back to the beginning of the previous decade. We can track Android's progress as it makes it big in the mobile world, with devices like the HTC EVO, HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S sweeping the OS to a d

Android N

Android N As we all know, the last android released is known as Android N. Though it is still under development, we can still anticipate some of the best Android N features. Some expected features in Android N: Multi-Windows Support A user can run two apps side-by-side on any smartphone running Android N. On larger-screen devices, multi-window support gives users a freedom of multi-tasking. Notification Enhancements This time google has come cleaners on Notifications Stuffs, for example, on receiving a Whatsapp Notification, you won't have to tap on the notif and go to the app. It seems that you would be able to reply to a chat directly from the notification window itself. The user will also be allowed to decorate his notification style in his own way. Quick Settings See More!

Hacking or Cracking?

Intro : Before learning how to hack, learn the difference between Hacker and Cracker. These are often misunderstood by many people. Point is , while  hackers  build things, crackers break things. Hacking That's the term everyone is scared of when they are on the web. But these people are actually referring to the term "Cracking" without even paying attention. The individual with bad intentions in the one known as cracker(also known as Black Hat Hackers) . On the flip side of the coin, a   hacker  can also be an internet security expert hired to find vulnerabilities in systems. These types of hackers are known as (White Hat Hackers) . Hacker(White Hat Hacker) White hat hackers  improve security by exposing vulnerabilities before crackers  can detect and exploit them. Crackers(Black Hat Hacker) A  black hat hacker's is known to bypass internet security, by using his knowledge in computer.   Black hat hackers  are also known as crackers or dark-side  hacker

Why is web design important?

Intro: In 1989, whilst working at  CERN   Tim Berners-Lee  proposed to create a global hypertext project, which later became known as the  World Wide Web . During 1991 to 1993 the World Wide Web was born. Text-only pages could be viewed using a simple line-mode browser. In 1993  Marc Andreessen  and  Eric Bina , created the  Mosaic browser . At the time there were multiple browsers, however the majority of them were Unix-based and naturally text heavy. Why is web design important? A student having a knowledge in web design could improve our future world. You may express your thoughts worldwide, by only staying at your home and, plus point, is.. See More!

Android Users Might find this interesting! ./Downloads

Cool Android Apps Every year there are hundreds of app which is banned from the Google Play Store. If you're an android fan and loves the Play Store you may find the following apps very interesting. 1. PVSTAR+ Click Here to Download! Allows you to watch videos from youtube and dailymotion from a single app. You may even watch your videos when you're offline. 2. Megabox HD Click Here to Download! Allows you to watch new Movies, new TV Shows and new anime. Click here to see more! Stay connected for more upcoming apps.


Interested in computer programming? Want to know which language you may use to code? Missing the appropriate piece of code? Different languages used worldwide to make a website: HTML CSS Javascript JQuery The mentioned languages are the most common languages used for small websites. Other languages which are more complex are C, C++, Python, among others.