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Learn how to make an android app with HTML!

Ever wondered if you could make an android app with only basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript! You, actually, can do it! Let's try make a basic app Hello World which displays 'Hello World' on your android phone. 1. Go to the Play Store and download App Builder. 2.Install and Open. 3. On opening the app, you'll see the list of app that you've already created. Since, it's your first time, the screen will be blank. 4. Tap on New. 5. Then, put a name under Label (e.g Hello World), put an icon and tap on Content. 6. If you understand the basics of HTML, you should be able to understand what's already after tapping on Content. You can modify it by a paragraph under the header1.   This is my very first app. 7. When you've finished with the Contents, hit back and press Build. Then Install your app. 8. You're done. You should get a screen like this if you followed the instructions carefully. You can check out your code using o

Learn how to make an auto login bot with Autoit

Start by creating a new directory and make an autoit script. Edit the script and include IE.au3: #include    Suppose we're writing a script which will allow a anyone to sign in his facebook on a scheduled time automatically. It's simple, don't panic! You need to call a function with any name you want. Let's take loginfb() ! call ("loginfb") So, we only have to write the function loginfb now! Func loginfb() Global $oIE = _IECreate ("") Local $username = _IEGetObjByName ($oIE, "email") Local $password = _IEgetObjByName ($oIE, "pass") Local $button = _IEGetObjById ($oIE, "loginbutton") _IEFormElementSetValue ($username, "") // your email here! _IEFormElementSetValue ($password, "") //your fb password here! Send("{Enter}") EndFunc $username and $password are variables. "email" and "pass" are the names given to the textarea

Creating Database(SQL)

Create a database if it does not exist! SQL -Stands for  Structured Query Language Used to manage database //U pdate data on a database or retrieve data from a database Start by creating your connection $servername="localhost" $username="root" $password="" Connect to MySQL $link = mysql_connect($servername, $username, $password); if (!link) { die('Could not connect ' . mysql_error()); } Suppose we're creating a database with name 'test'. You must first of all make that db your current db. $db_selected = mysql_select_db('test', $link); You can now create your database with an appropriate name! if (!db_selected) { $sql = 'CREATE DATABASE test'; if (mysql_query($sql, $link)) { echo "Database test has been successfully made!"; require table.php; } else { echo "Error creating database: " . mysql_error() . "\n"; } } mysql_close(

Who are Hackers?

Hackers It's strange that, in Mauritius, some people freak out on hearing the word ' Hacker '. Weird, but true. In Mauritius, there's a small team under the name  who are doing their best to push youngsters to code. I am one of the new recruit of this team, and I really liked their way of doing things. As I said, there's no need to panic when you hear the word hacker hereafter. A hacker is someone who hack with intention of helping others, for example, breaking into a computer system by penetrating the security of a user and using this leaked information for a good purpose. The reason why people freak out upon hearing this term is that they misunderstand if with the term cracker . That being said, I think every youngster should be encouraged to become hackers. Programming should become a compulsory topic in every school, because we're quickly advancing into a world of technology. Actually, learning Web Design was my past-time du