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Showing posts from June, 2016 organised another great hackathon

Operation PB Why PB? After Operation S.A.D and W.T.F, here comes operation P.B! You might be wondering why we chose the name PB for the operation. It was decided by Nitin , who was wondering what name would fit this operation. He then, to conclude, decided to name it Prison Break. Playing with fire in jail Operation Prison Break was a third hackathon organised by members of . It was a hackathon held in Lescalier, in a hall. Sandboxing profile for xzdec I personally worked on a project name the xzdec which is a decompressing tool. It was cool to learn a little bit more on topics concerning security of people. Basically what it does, it decompresses files with .xz extension. Monitored by Logan , I created a profile for xzdec , which you can see above. It was built using a whitelist approach. Usage: xzdec 'filename'.xz Purpose Instead of finding flaws, unlike previous hackathons, this time we're looking at ways to reduce th

Why most programmers start with Hello World?

Hello World Hello World is one of the most famous program tested by each and every programmer at some point of their life. It is specially being used when either someone tries to learn a new programming language, which is probably in most cases, or for something else. It's simply a script of about 4 to 10 lines(depends which languages you're using), which when compiled, displays a Hello World on your screen. It's true that it's very simple, but from a beginner's point of view, it's a great feeling. You feel the rush of adrenaline after realizing you've just, successfully, communicated through the computer. I'm quite sure after doing a Hello World script, you'll have an idea of what you're willing to do after that. Positive point is that, you just found a way starting it. The first Hello World appeared in 1973 in "Tutorial Introduction to the Language B" by Kernighan. Let's take a closer look! Originally crea