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[Fixed]Custom Binary blocked by FRP Lock

If you android phone's not turning on and displaying the error message " Custom Binary blocked by FRP Lock ", don't panic , the solution is right in this article. Note: This was tested on Samsung J7 and worked perfectly fine. You'll need: Samsung Kies 3 Click here to download it Steps After download Samsung Kies 3, Install it Open It Click on Tools and choose Firmware Upgrade and Initialisation Enter Details Just type in the Model Name of the phone and press Enter. Now type in the Serial Number. You can get Model Name and Serial Number by removing battery, It should be written on the phone behind the battery.  After entering the required details, just click Ok. You may be prompted some warnings. Just Click Ok. You should now be seeing a window like this but with your appropriate details: To be able to Start the Upgrade, you'll need to go into Download Mode in your Android Device. Go into Download Mode Pre

How to download android apps that are not available in your country!

Download apps that are not available in your country Have you ever seen some apps on your Play Store that you're unable to download because it's not available in your country? Well, it's a problem that's present in almost almost every countries. We'll take the example of the famous Pokemon Go, which is only available in some countries. But you can still download it from APK Mirror or from Google Play Store itself. You'll need: 1) Your Android Device with Android Version higher than 4.4 . You can check it out by clicking here . 2) Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy . An android app available on the Play Store for free. What's a VPN? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This technology helps people from all over the world, to browse the internet in a secure way. It also makes sure, you're anonymous and safe from hackers. Steps: To begin, go to your play store and download an app called Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy Download the app an

Why you should disable WPS!

What's WPS and what it does? [Wi-Fi Protected Setup] WPS is a wireless networking standard that tries to make connections between a router and wireless devices faster and easier. It works only for wireless networks that have WPA Personal(deprecated) or WPA2 Personal(recommended) security. Nowadays, modern routers come with this new technology known as WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Although, WPS makes it easier and faster to connect your devices to your home network, it, somehow, contains some security flaws, that are well-documented on the internet. Is WPS recommended? NO! Even though it's enabled by default, you should find a way to disable it because of the Brute Force Vulnerability. Many Wi-Fi access points that support WPS may be affected. Here are some links which may be useful in this context: Article 1(HowToGeek) Article 2(VU#723755) Normally , you can't just connect your wireless devices to a wireless network anywhere, unless you know the SSID

Making HTML windows programs

Building Window program in HTML HTA Application It's basically the same as an html file but with a GUI that acts like an executable file with .exe extension. Double click on the .hta file you make to launch the program. Steps: Firstly Open your favorite text editor. I'll use Notepad++ in this demo. Type in your html script. Then save your script as Test. hta Make sure the .hta extension is written at the end of the name. The .hta stands for HTML Application. It shall work if you're using Explorer browser 5.0 and above. A basic start of the html application is: <html> <head> <HTA APPLICATION ICON="" SCROLL="auto" maximiseButton="yes" minimiseButton="yes"> <title>Simple HTA</title> </head> <body> <p>Your HTML Script goes here</p> </body> </html> Several other arguments th

It's easy to learn, It takes time to master!

How to learn? How to learn is a famous question asked by most people everywhere in the world. To learn something is not a very difficult task. It only requires you to know some of the basics and learn the concept of it. It won't take that long if you are willing to learn something. But how to master? Mastering a skill means knowing every single part that is concerned with it. A huge skill you'll require to master a skill, is Patience . It's obvious you'll need to learn the concept first. Some requirements before you start learning something Firstly, decide what you want to learn and master, and find out why you want to do it. The reason why many people give up when starting a project, is that they are not motivated enough to complete their goal. Basically, you just need to find out something you're interested in, no matter how difficult it may look, just go for it. At first, it may actually look hard, but once you're in it, it's no l