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[Favicons]Why use favicons?

Ever wondered why web programmers use favicon when designing a website? Favicons may be little and very tiny things that are way out of people's eyes, but just try to search for a website without a favicon and you'll surely spot the difference. A favicon a very important from a branding's point of view. What is a favicon? The small image you see on almost every website, situated next to the website's title, is known as a favicon. Usually, it of size 16x16 pixels. See picture below for an example of a favicon. What's the use of this small icon? F av I con - Short form for Favourite Icon. A favicon is not mandatory, but if you care about user experience, you'll find it interesting to insert a favicon in your website. If you think from a visitor's point of view, upon seeing a favicon in a website, you get the impression that this website is the one you were searching for. Are favicons important? F*ck yeah, it is important!!! Imagine face