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[Whatsapp]How to change your friend's status on whatsapp on YOUR phone!

We all know the most famous Messaging app Whatsapp right? Well, here's some food for thought! Have you ever tried modifying a friend's whatsapp status on your phone and take a screenshot to show your other friends :D :p You can actually do it by following the steps below. I'll also include a video below in case you don't understand or miss one step! Below are the steps you can follow to modify a friend's status on WhatsApp! Note: This is only for prank purposes! Please make sure that you make good use of this! Requirements:- WhatCrypt apk SQLite Editor(Available on Playstore) Steps: Download Whatcrypt.apk. You can try google it; I'm feeling just too lazy to put to the download link in here! But you can easily find it through a search on Google :) 1. Install it and Open. Tap on Decrypt Whatsapp Database once you open it. 2. Download and Install SQLite Editor from Playstore.(FREE) 3. Open and tap on File Tab. Search for data Folder an